Prosperous and Serene in 2013-Affirmation Channel

Stop for just a brief moment as you are reading this and look at what is around you.  If you are at your desk, do you have anything on your desk that lifts you up mentally and emotionally?  Are there pictures of loved ones, positive images, statements of affirmation our encouragement anywhere around you?  If you are in your car are there any positive images or symbols around you?

There are many negative and disturbing news items, images, and distressing things happening in our lives and community.  We need to balance these out and go to a higher level of brain functioning so we do not get drag down into the lower level of brain functioning and go “reptilian” on somebody.  (I will write more on the reptilian brain in my next blog!)

With the 12 Tools we are learning how to easily change thought channels.  It is why we use the analogy of a remote control to remind us:

  1. We have the power, hold on to it!
  2. We can change our channels of thought at any time.
  3. We are 100% responsible for our own thoughts, feelings, and actions.

In order to re-program our thoughts to go to a higher level of functioning we have to have a positive channel of thought for our mind to switch to, it is easy as changing the channel on your TV remote.   When you are on the negativity channel change it and go to the Affirmation Channel.

Here is a small sample of what is on my Affirmation Channel.  One of the positive statements I use daily is:  “Prosperous and Serene in 2013.”  I have it written in my kitchen, by my desk, in my day planner, and it is the first thought on my Affirmation Channel.

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