12 Tools To Keep Your Cool and Confidence

By: Gay Lynn Grigas, MA Psy.

Kids Trigger-Proof is based on a unique concept.  While other trainings on anti-bullying explain how to cope with these encounters by what you say to the bully, this training actually shows show children how to recognize their emotional triggers and manage their reactions—from the inside.  Simply shifting focus from external to internal can set children on a positive life course they never dreamed possible.

  • Children will learn new vocabulary words such as “trigger” as it applies to getting upset, angry or frustrated by something that may be outside of their realm of control.
  • Children will learn the visual cues for the 12 Tools and how to successfully apply the tools to real school and life experiences.
  • Children will learn their areas of vulnerability in “getting their buttons pushed.”
  • Children will learn to have better impulse control and understand the concept of impulses and drives and how to modify their own personal behaviors and impulses.

Kid’s Trigger-Proof Endorsements:

The “Trigger-Proof Your Way To Success” curriculum is a valuable tool for both adults and children.
Through this workshop our employees have acquired skills to maintain control in their classrooms and foster better communication with co-workers and parents.
I would recommend this course for any and all preschool facilities.
-Krista Birri, School Director, Hollywood Hills United Methodist Preschool

The Superintendent’s Screening Committee has reviewed the request to provide
Grigas Consulting and Trigger-Proof Your Way to Success: 12 Tools to Keep Your
Cool and Confidence program to Broward County Schools. Why not try these out This request has been
determined to be appropriate and in accordance with the curriculum in place in our
schools and may be provided at the discretion of each individual principal.
-Paul Gress, Supervisor, Superintendent’s Screening Committee

They learned about “getting their buttons pushed,” and how to effectively cope with such behaviors.
Ways in which bullying may be prevented or stopped was also a key component to which students responded favorably.
Teachers also echoed numerous accolades regarding the quality and implementation of this program.
The one question asked repeatedly was, “May we use this next school year?”
-Alan J. Gatzke, Principal, Oakridge Elementary School http://www.topcollegepapers.net/ 



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