A Typical (and Crazy) Family Vacation

Chevy Chase made us laugh and cringe with his extremes to make his family vacation happy. In the classic movie he was pursuing some crazy idealized vacation with totally unrealistic expectations. Jennifer found some recent guests showing up at her front desk looking for the same...
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Divorcés Emotional Triggers

Author of: 12 Tools To Keep Your Cool and Confidence-Trigger-Proof Tina was blond haired, blue eyed, slender woman in her thirties and worked for the US Postal Service, just like her mother and her father.  She was not as fortunate as her parents though because the stress in her...
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Stress Roller Coaster at Work- By Gay Lynn Grigas MA, Psy.

Author of: 12 Tools To Keep Your Cool and Confidence-Trigger-Proof Lisa worked in one of the most beautiful libraries on the campus of a prestigious university. She enjoyed the quiet surrounding her daily.  The library was an oasis found in few places within her big metropolitan...
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Seeing Yourself, Yikes!

It can be very challenging to see ourselves.  Some people are willing to take a look while others run the other way.  World renowned singer K.D. Lang said, “I think I have a better sense of my weaknesses-being self-important, selfish, and having a big ego probably triggers all...
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Bullying Programs Not Working?

A recent study conducted by the University of Texas found some unintended consequences while educating students through campaigns on physical and emotional harms of harassment causing an increase rather than a decrease of attacks among students. According to researchers’...
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Workplace bullying and Exclusion

Another form of workplace bullying is exclusion from groups or denial of information about what is going on in the workplace.  A friend of mine was bullied in the workplace by having files that contained essential information misfiled, hidden, and destroyed.  The blame was...
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Bullies Undermining and Belittling

Workplace bullying in the adult world it is usually emotionally. Victims of workplace bullying are constantly criticized for trivial things and their accomplishments are belittled or overlooked. Victims of workplace bullying are also undermined by the bully at every chance they...
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We are well into the New Year and the message that keeps coming to me is “Timing.”  Pete Seeger just passed away recently at the age of 94, a folk singer with a long history of activism.  One of his famous songs he wrote is called “Turn, Turn, Turn.”  The opening lyric is, “To...
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Prosperous and Serene in 2013-Affirmation Channel

Stop for just a brief moment as you are reading this and look at what is around you.  If you are at your desk, do you have anything on your desk that lifts you up mentally and emotionally?  Are there pictures of loved ones, positive images, statements of affirmation our...
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Giving Back to Students & Local Schools

It’s our mission to give back to the students. Trigger Proof is making a positive impact in the local communities by donating 10% of all sales made from Corporate workshops and seminars such as… • Pro-Active Customer Service • Effective Pro-Active Customer Service • City &...
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