Keeping cool and confidence in the classroom just got easier! Educators and administrative staff have to deal with a wide range of personalities from students to parents and co-workers. The pressure is on because sometimes your salary and job security is based on delivering great education as well as managing to excel at internal and external customer service skills . The 12 Tools are you ultimate guide to help you take care of yourself as you are taking care of everyone else. Trigger-Proof also delivers the Life Skills are your students need to be successful and address the issue of bullying and conflict resolution skills. Included are the detailed objectives and benchmark descriptions for Elementary, Middle School, and High School students. The manual also includes Character Education and alignment with the qualities of Responsibility, Citizenship, Kindness, Respect, Honesty, Self-Control, Tolerance, and Cooperation. Keeping centered while dealing with students, parents, and faculty just got easier because you will have the Trigger-Proof Advantage!


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