Bullying behavior is chronic and every parent has an obligation to help fortify and strengthen their child from the inside. You can begin as young as 6 or 7 to protect your child and provide them with the 12 Tools to Keep Their Cool and Confidence.  Children learn in Trigger-Proof that they have power and can learn to hold on to their power.  Unknowingly children often allow other children to “push their buttons.”  The 12 Tools in Trigger-Proof help your child understand how to protect themselves from the devastating impact of bullying behavior. Everyone gets angry or gets their buttons pushed occasionally.  Someone calls you a name and you become mad.  This is called a “personal trigger.”  Helping your child understand emotional triggers is important.  Trigger-Proof helps your child learn new responses and consistently avoid getting hurt. This brightly colored 22 page interactive activity book will  prepare your child to deal with bullying behavior and have life skills for success in Elementary School, making them stronger on the inside where behavior begins.

Price: $17.95

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